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Use Noesis' automated web tools to estimate, evaluate and propose efficiency projects.

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What companies are saying about Noesis...

These days, it's extremely important to include financing — you need to deliver a comprehensive solution that shows how the project will be budgeted and offers off balance-sheet financing. This is where Noesis Project Financing is invaluable.

Ron Delyons, CEO
Our partnership with Noesis allows us to be more efficient in preparing our projects for pre- and post-installation work. The different financing options that we can present to our clients gives us a competitive advantage over our competitors by assuring that we provide our clients the options that best suit their needs.

José Ventura, CEO
Partnering with Noesis allows me to focus on energy strategies with my customer without having to expend large resources developing data. An added flexibility bonus is knowing that I can supplement my consulting resources with the financing & project support … rather than having to invest in permanent staffing.

Barnabas Path, Founder & CEM
Having a measurement and verification team like Noesis at our disposal is a tremendous asset to our organization and adds substantial value to our client reports and proposals.

Luis LaRotta, COO