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Noesis offers efficiency finance lenders an opportunity to find more energy project investments. In addition, lenders can better inform their assessment of project risk through a streamlined, standardized application process and measurements of actual project savings from your investments.

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Noesis works with select efficiency finance lenders to provide its users with a wide range of on- and off-balance sheet financing vehicles. The most popular financing options include capital leases, operating leases, PACE financing and shared saving agreements.

Noesis helps its customers prepare energy project proposals and works with its syndicate of lenders to find the right financing options. Noesis guides its customers through the financing application process and offers personalized assistance during the proposal process to explain the financing and to maximize the chances of project approval.

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Noesis uses the energy project proposal guidelines defined by the Environmental Defense Fund’s Investor Confidence Project, which provides a standardized documentation of energy projects to help lenders quickly and accurately assess project risk. This consistency in format allows Noesis lenders to make comparisons between projects, contractors, etc. and, over time, to package and securitize projects with similar characteristics and risk profiles.

Additionally, all completed projects on Noesis record the actual savings and are documented as Verified Case Studies. The historical performance of a product or consultant provides lenders an independent assessment that can further inform its evaluation of an individual project’s risk.

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